Scientific Platform

Awareness of physical education as a priority subject that is related in the most natural and direct way to health, is vital and it is scientifically and practically proven that health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.

We must be guided by scientific principles to take care of health and live without disease, because only in this way the future of the country gains great values.

Purpose of scientific Platform

The purpose of this platform is the development of the massification of physical education in the Albanian education system and beyond, as the only way from which we can generate quality health and return to national value the energetic energies and talents of the country.

Exercise is the biological foundation of health and physical activity is wonderful and necessary until late human aging, for well-being, for a healthy, long life and with high quality standards.

How does the Platform work?

The massification of Physical-Sports Education for the whole new school generation, is the key of this platform and at the same time constitutes the priority goal, for the creation of the respective contemporary culture, for the Albanian society.

C-LPAM Health Standards

The physical education program in the education system is based entirely on contemporary and scientific standards, which determine the minimum and maximum range of physical activity exercised by the individual, which results in reducing risk factors for health and improving it.

The Lifelong Physical Activity Model (C-LPAM) provides activity guidelines for young people. The guidelines suggest that young people should engage in at least 60 minutes or more of physical activity on a daily basis.

Individual Student Card and Health Questionnaire

The individual student card is a national analytical and scientific scan and institutionalizes the trinomial relationship FAMILY - STUDENT - SCHOOL

Involvement of students with different abilities

The platform is comprehensive, referring to the activation of all children with different abilities

Expected results

The platform is conceived with a view extending over the years and with continuous reform according to the needs of the time, which can cross the boundaries of a cornerstone and become a national building.