Scientific Platform


In 2014 we created, developed, and implemented a theoretical and practical Platform with contemporary practice for physical education in pre-university education system, from age 3-18. The Parliament approved the Law on Sports, No.79/2017 and physical education radically increased to 3 (three) hours lessons per week. 
These induced a significant reduction in obesity among all students from 6 to 18 and brought back the smile and happiness in youth and parents. 

Overview of the Obesity Situation 2014 and Data on the Albanian reality. Refer to page 3-7

Presantimi i Platformes Shkencore - Brochure.pdf

Prof. assoc. dr. Rauf Dimraj, President of ‘Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor - Albanian School Sport Federation’, is the leader and organizer for implementing a new strategy based on the scientific platform for the development of physical activity among the pre-university youth. Mr. Dimraj created and presented for the first time the Individual Student Card with anthropometric data of the student and tests for measuring movement skills as well as the Health Status Questionnaire.

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This unique platform and dedicated hard work has been appraised by International School Sport Federation in its article published on August 30, 2018
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ISF assessment to the Prime Minister for the Scientific Platform and the perspectives of FSHSSH

To be happy thanks to physical education, the initiative of the sports federation in schools

Viron Bezhani: Albanian sport is going through the most difficult days

Based on our unique inovative theoretical and practical platform, 2,500 teachers were trained in field (in practice and theoretically), to adopt the new program. The Regional Sports Associations and FSHSSH were established.  The federation, associations and all teachers, have significantly increased the participation number of extracurricular sports activities to 150,000 students. This platform made possible the preparation in field and theory and the employment of 800 physical education teachers;

People's Advocate- (refer to page 5) Recommendation on improving the legal instruments for the practical implementation of the right of the child to have fun

Approval of the Order of the Physical-Sports Education Platform in the Pre-University Education System

Awareness of physical education as a priority subject that is related in the most natural and direct way to health, is vital and it is scientifically and practically proven that health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.

We must be guided by scientific principles to take care of health and live without disease, because only in this way the future of the country gains great values.