Awareness of physical education as a priority is related in the most natural and direct way to health. It is vital, scientifically and practically proven that without health none of the dimensions of life means anything. Scientific principles should guide us to take care of health and live at ease without disease, because only in this way the future of the country will gain great values.

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ESSD led by the Hungarian School Sport Federation, and coordinated by ISCA as key partner of the project leader, FSHSSH is committed for the 5th year, to include Albania in ESSD 2021 event. 

1.    Event launched in the Special School “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Tirana, 05.10.2021
2.    Sporting champions Çaçi, Sako and Dimraj join Orphanage “Zyber Hallulli”, 06.10.2021
3.    Jeronim de Rada”, School  Tirana, 08.10.2021
4.    Kindergarten “Kësulkuqja”, Tirana, 08.10.2021

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Boost your skills in sport and physical activity promotion by taking one of our free online courses - developed by people with practical experience and expertise in advocacy, social inclusion, outdoor facilities, fitness testing, sport diplomacy and social impact measurement.

Your journey will be composed of many different activities with a practical approach, based on informal and non-formal education, prepared by leading European organisations who are experienced in the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

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FSHSSH and Tirana Municipality in Sabahudin Gabrani school ESSD 2020

FSHSSH and Tirana Municipality organized ESSD event in Sabahudin Gabrani school, with 500 children. Physical Education Teachers, members of FSHSSH took care to learn children perform physical education exercises and different games such as dance, sack racing, ballet, entertaining sports ribbon games, etc. The Yoga expert trained children taking care of mental health through creative ways to keep them active for their physical and mental well-being.

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Sport #WithoutWaste

The Sport #WithoutWaste project is a multidisciplinary collaborative partnership focusing on 6 countries in the Balkan region: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Albania, and Turkey.

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KROS TEYC 2022 will be organized on Saturday, March 25, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Tirana Lake National Park.

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GEM - Grassroots Exchange and Mobility

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The MOVE Congress 2021 – Rebuild. Reconnect. Restart

The MOVE Congress 2021Rebuild. Reconnect. Restart

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Mendje e Qeshur

Mendje e Qeshur (Smiley Mind) is the first platform for children in Albania focused on Physical Education, Mindfulness & Wellness providing accessible life-long tools to support healthy bodies and minds. Mendje e Qeshur was created in 2020 by wellness experts Prof. assoc. dr. Rauf Dimraj & Certified Yoga teacher Jimena Lujan in collaboration with the Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor and sponsored by the Agency for the Support of the Civil Society.

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