School as a community center – “Sabahudin Gabrani”


The Municipality of Tirana, Albanian School Sport Federation and Sabahudin Gabrani School are contributing to the implementation of the project 'School as a community center’. The overall objective of this project is to use gyms and other spaces into active spaces to deliver physical activities for elementary and high schools after official hours and on holidays to educate and enhance mass sport in Tirana. 

Following the project "Sport for all", ASSF under the lead of Prof. Assoc. Dr. Rauf Dimraj together with Gjergji Çikopano, President of the Association of Physical Education and School Sport Tirane take care to implement the scientific platform "Platform of Physical Education in the Pre-University Education System" and develop physical activity among Albanian youth.

Gjergji encourages and motivates children aged 5 - 11 to be active in football and basketball. For more details on calendar activities please contact [email protected] and mobile number 0694088800.

Furthermore, we will pay more attention to the environment. We will begin to adopt environmentally friendly practices aiming to reduce waste and maintaining natural resources and a green environment. We will incorporate environmental education for children on how and where to dispose of waste, organize fun activities and active Games #WithoutWaste and share with them resources  Sport#WithoutWaste.



“Sabahudin Gabrani” School as a community center