Individual Student Card and Health Questionnaire

The Individual Student Card and the Student Health Status Questionnaire are a national analytical and scientific scan that creates and marks a great increase in the level of communication culture, health, social, psychological and moral and thus institutionalizes the trinomial relationship FAMILY  - STUDENT - SCHOOL, as a crucial link which enables a healthy national future.

The Individual Student Card is a complete assessment of the student from the very beginning, in the educational system, it is a test, an evidence, a simple professional and possible conclusion, which is at the same time a national assessment and further it is a beginning of the functioning of national memory in this regard, to understand where we are today and where we will be, or want to be in the future. We feel excited that the platform has incorporated this innovation.

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Individual Student Card - Purpose and importance

Anthropometric data of the student - Measurement of BMI for the age of 6-12 years. Anthropometric measurements very simply and scientifically determine the essential indicators of the body between a normal healthy state from that of other cases. The student's height and body weight are measured and calculated from the mathematical ratio of the student's weight in kilograms, divided by the square of his body height in square meters. These measurements identify and orient in time, on possible improvements. BMI = P (kg) / L2 (meter)

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The student health questionnaire contains a set of simple questions, addressed to the family, from which come the respective answers for the child. In terms of health it completes in a very detailed way the student's panorama. The questionnaire institutionalizes the relationship, the essential bridge FAMILY-STUDENT-SCHOOL and at the same time evidences the cultural condition of the society for the social and physical education of the society itself against the culture of physical education and health.

Student health assessment tests The Physical Education teacher collaborates with the school doctor to perform laboratory examinations to reach positive conclusions of improving students' health if:
a) is overweight or obese
b) When there is family inheritance in terms of chronic diseases.

General medical evaluation 1 TIME A YEAR:
• general blood tests
• simple cardiorespiratory evaluation by a cardiologist (with a stethoscope)
• evidence of skeletal condition

Tests for the evaluation of physical-athletic parameters and determination of the state of physical-motor health 3 TIMES A YEAR:
• Long jump from the ground
• Speed ​​running 30 m
• Round trip 10x5 m
•    Abdominal muscles
• Bending over the arms
• Fold the body forward with the knees outstretched
• Walking-Running 1609 m

The science of Physiology of Exercise determines that in order to have excellent health, it is necessary for the student / individual to practice physical activity. During a learning process, according to age and gender standards, 4 (four) conditions must be developed to gain excellent health:
1. Develop dynamic flexibility
2. Development of stretching
3. Development of bodily strength
4. Development of the circulatory system

Health assessment tests Development of physical strength

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The individual student card is a national analytical and scientific scan and institutionalizes the trinomial relationship FAMILY - STUDENT - SCHOOL