Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor

Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor is an independent entity, a NGO, established in Tirana, Albania on April 14, 2016 by 15 physical education teachers (members), in Albania. On May 16, 2016, FSHSSH was registered with Court Decision no.5339. The Federation exercises its activity based on Law no. 105/2020 On some additions and amendments to law No. 79/2017 "On Sports", Law no. 8788, dated 07.05.2001 "On non-profit organizations", as well as on the principles of the European Charter of Sport and recommendations in this field. 



Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor is an NGO, founded in Tirana, Albania on April 14, 2016 by school sport associations of physical education teachers in Albania (15 members) 

President, Rauf Dimraj

Rauf Dimraj highly skilled as a Graduate Electronics Engineer and Physical Education Teacher, is a lecturer, an Exercise & Sport Physiology Specialist and Prof. assoc. dr. of sports science. He holds the highest number of national records in running for 800 and 1500 meters in Albania and leaded various sports institutions. His dream is to institutionalize the role of the physical education teacher, as the most valuable actor for the development of the nation's health.

Deputy President, Viktor Gjoni

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