Slogan, Mision and Priority of FSHSSH

Slogan: #Movement saves health


Mission: Massification of physical education in pre-university education, as the only objective and practical guide, which creates the social basis for the development of physical education, talents and respective derivatives, based on scientific principles that guarantee physical, psychological, intellectual, economic, productive progress, social, and the healthy well-being of society.

Priority: The practice of physical education and sports on a scientific basis, as a key to the national development of the culture of civilization, molecular biology, bioenergy systems, neuromuscular functions, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, pulmonary and social welfare of the country. We appreciate that the Scientific Platform makes society aware that physical education is a priority genetic field, as it protects against many diseases and forms true intellectuals who enjoy health at all stages of life.

Implementation of the new scientific platform for the mass development of PE in the pre-university education system, for a healthy structural, metabolic, functional and structural formation of children 3-6 years; 6-12 years; 12-15 years; 15-18 years and for adults