a.    To develop, promote, control and regulate the sports activities of FSHSSH associations in all its forms and throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania in accordance with the Statute; 
b.    To develop friendly relations among federation members as well as to protect the members rights and to take care of the solution of technical-organizational and sporting problems, based on its Statute, its Rules and Procedures, Albanian legislation and international legal acts of school sport activities; 
c.    To serve as coordinator, promoter and collaborator with central and local governmental and non-governmental organizations for the expansion and development of the physical-sport movement, in the education system, in accordance with the physical-sport education Platform of the responsible Ministry of Sport and International and Regional Conventions of physical education and sport field;
d.    To represent and cooperate aiming to protect the interests of physical education teachers and to contribute to their progressive qualification through seminars and various information and development activities in the field of physical education and sport, in accordance with contemporary standards. 
e.    To contribute to a comprehensive, harmonious, physical, functional, psychological, intellectual, and social development in the function of school youth health, in order to enable it to face life's challenges; 
f.    To contribute to the awareness of the way of eating, practicing physical activities and sports, fight against tobacco and abusive substances use, fight against sports doping, preservation and maintenance of sports school facilities, as well as natural conditions as essential important factors in the quality of health; 
g.    To contribute to the improvement of sports infrastructure in schools, to develop the Physical Education subjects, in accordance with contemporary standards. 
h.    To promote and encourage the development of all sports disciplines, as well as the activation of respective school teams and talents; 
i.    To cooperate with Albanian sports federations to coordinate the massive and quality development of chain teams of relevant disciplines; 
j.    To program and organize the development of various sports disciplines championships among the regional sports associations and to represent Albania in the respective international sport activities; 
k.    To promote and initiate cooperation and exchanges of experience in the field of physical education and sport, within the country and abroad; 
l.    To lead and care for the well-being of all the national, international, and federal, adherents judges in the Federation; 
m.    Organize in the Republic of Albania international sport activities and grant permission for their organization by its members. 

To develop, promote, control and regulate the sports activity of the associations of FSHSSH, in all its forms and in the entire territory of the Republic of Albania, in accordance with this statute: