Sabahudin Gabrani ESSD

FSHSSH and the Municipality of Tirana, organized Project V, Sabahudin Gabrani European School Sports Day.

The Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Andi Seferi together with the President of the Albanian Federation of School Sports Rauf Dimraj, were present at the Sabahudin Gabrani school in Tirana to open the school sports event, which was attended by 500 students.

During the event, the Physical Education Teachers, partners of FSHSSH, taught the children physical exercises, games such as dancing, bag racing, ballet, fun sports games with ribbons, etc .. The yoga expert trained the children by taking care of their mental health through creative ways to keep children active for their physical and mental well-being.

Furthermore, it was distributed free of charge to all children. Leaflet "Growing Healthy" - Child Welfare Indicator, Author Prof. assoc. dr. of Sports Science Mr. Dimraj.

While at the end of the activity, Qafshtama Water Company supplied the event with natural mineral water, emphasizing the importance of our well-being and health. Magnesium-rich kafshtama is best associated with physical activity, both sports and health. No wonder it is called Water of Health.

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Together, we stressed the importance of physical activity with sports and play.

We emphasize the importance of physical activity with sports and play