An overview of Albanian School Sport Federation

1. The role and the impact of school sport in Albania

By the ‘90s to the 2013 the development of physical education and sport in schools in Albania was left apart and infringed. Sport dropped drastically in quantitative and qualitative terms. Physical education lessons were removed for the age of 17 to 18 and the practice of extracurricular sports activities in school yards and gym schools was prohibited. In schools, physical education teachers were infringed. They felt demoted and unfortunately most of them do not use the computer or the internet.

In 2014 we created, developed, and implemented a theoretical and practical Platform (The Physical Education Platform in the Pre-University Education System) with contemporary practice for physical education in pre-university education system from the age 3-18. The Parliament approved the Law on Sports, No.79/2017 and physical education radically increased to 3 (three) hours lessons per week. These induced a significant reduction in obesity among all students from 6 to 18 and brought back the smile and happiness in youth and parents. Currently, in our country there is a significant increase in activation and physical movement of citizens.

The Albanian School Sport Federation's President of Honour is Mr. Rauf Dimraj who is also one of the leading forces and implementing a new strategy based on the scientific platform for the development of physical activity among the pre-university youth. This unique platform and dedicated hard work has been appraised by International School Sport Federation in its article published on August 30, 2018:

2. The Physical Education Platform in the Pre-University Education System

Based on our unique inovative theoretical and practical platform in 2014, 2,500 teachers were trained in field (in practice and theoretically), to adopt the new program. The Regional Sports Associations and the Albanian School Sport Federation were established.  The federation, associations and all teachers, have significantly increased the participation number of extracurricular sports activities to 150,000 students. This platform made possible the preparation in field and theory and the employment of 800 physical education teachers:

I. Study of anthropometric indicators and indexes -

study conducted in 2016 for 364,437 students in Albania (participation 87% of the overall students). The implementation of this new program resulted in a very significant improvement of pupils' obesity in Albania; the study revealed that after following the implementation of the new platform 95% of students had normal body mass.

II. Physical education, sport and health –

this is a theoretic and practical book for teachers in kindergarten for the children aged 3-6;

III. Study of anthropometric and physical indexes -

study conducted in 2017 for 345,291 students in Albania (participation 85% of the overall students). This study for the first time evidenced the standards of anthropometric and physical athletic qualities for every age of 6/7/8 ... 18

3. Albanian School Sport Federation

Based on the Law No.79/2017 "On Sport", in Albania:

  1. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth is responsible for sport. It drafts and implements state policy on sport, improves the legal framework for sport, administers budget funds for sport and controls their use by the Albanian School Sport Federation.
  2. Albanian School Sport Federation is founded by the associations of school sport of the physical education teachers of the country. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has recognized and approved the establishment and the Statute of the Albanian School Sport Federation.
  3. On May 16, 2016 the Albanian School Sport Federation has been legalized with a Court Decision No. 5339 as a legal entity.
  4. The Albanian School Sport Federation is an independent entity.

Moreover, the Albanian School Sport Federation extends its responsibility to:

  • Organize, direct, control and monitor sports activities with students of all pre-university age groups at regional and national level, in all sports disciplines.
  • Organize the school's championships in all sports disciplines and to announce the national champion of schools.
  • Organize representative teams in international sports activities.

The Albanian School Sport Federation is authorized to contact and cooperate directly with the Regional Education Directorates of the country, which are represented through the respective Associations of School Sport. Nowadays, 11 associations are member of the Albanian School Sport Federation, including participation of 2,200 Physical Education Teachers and approx. 430,000 children from kindergartens and schools (November 2018).

The Albanian School Sport Federation compiles and approves one year in advance, all types of physical and sport activities that will be held within the next year, for all Association of School Sport, including and calculating their respective budget. The Albanian School Sport Federation sends this program to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth so that the institution will support the required funding for these projects.

4. Our main activities.

I. Olympic Day - short description

The Federation has organized school sports association, as its members and has developed various sports activities all over Albania. The Federation also co-operated with the Albanian National Olympic Committee to support the development of the Olympic Day in many cities in the country during 2017 and 2018.

Olympic Day, 2017

Olympic Day, 2018

School sports activities are very briefly reflected by the media of the respective city. Introduction of school sports activities on TV channels costs a lot and currently ASSF is unable to publish in these TV channels. In sporting activities, posters and sports activities logo are placed. Our school students are passionate about taking part in school sports activities and they share activities in social networks, facebook and instagram and are provided to our Federation mainly via email.

II. 1st National Conference on Physical Education to Measure Obesity with All Students of Albania (ages 06-18)

Tirana, 2016-2017

III. 2nd National Conference on the anthropometric study and physical indicators, grade I - XIIi

Tirana, 2017

IV. National Conference with Physical Education Specialists for the fight against Anti-doping

In the presence of Professor Alessandro Donati, representative of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

Tirana, 2016

Tirana, 2016

V. Albanian School Sport Federation, on 17.12.2017, organized a conference at Diplomat Hotel in Tirana, with the topic “PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SCHOOL SPORT, A HEALTHY BRIDGE FOR FRIENDSHIP, COMMUNICATION AND COOPERATION”

Countries of the Western Balkans Region (Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) gathered to develop multilateral relations between the Federations of the respective countries in the field of Physical Education and School Sport and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Tirana, 2016

Tirana, 2016

VI. The participation in the 1st Balkan School Championship in Volleyball for Girls U-15, that took place in Skopje, Macedonia from June 7 to 10, 2018, in the framework of cooperation between school sport federations of the Western Balkan Countries.

Macedonia, 2018

VII. The project training program for children with different abilities

Tirana, 2016

Tirana, 2016

VIII. The evolution of long distance running in nature and other sports activities for the age of 6-18

IX. The entertainment moving games, 5000 preschool children

Each year, in the capital - Tirana, the Albanian School Sport Federation develops a project activity with 5,000 children aged 3-6, "Moving entertainment games and visual art"

Furthermore, a group of kindergarten children was trained in a fun-filled moving program and we compiled the book with real illustrations. Unfortunately this unique book ’Physical education, sport and health’ still remains unpublished for lack of funds.

5. Our strategy to further develop school sport in Albania and abroad at the continental and international level

Our strategy:

Implementation of the new scientific platform for the massive development of physical education in the pre-university education system, for a healthy, metabolic, functional, and structural formation of children aged 3-6 years; 6-12 years; 12-15 years; 15-18 years and for adults.

Our priority:

The practice of physical education and sport on a scientific basis, as a key to the national development of the culture of civilization, molecular biology, bioenergetics systems, neuromuscular, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, pulmonary functions and social wellbeing of the country. We point out that the Platform makes the society aware that physical education is a genetic priority area, since it protects from many diseases and forms true intellectuals that enjoy health in whole, in all life stages.

In 2019, our federation hopes to educate theoretically and practically the kindergarten teachers, based on the compiled book ”Physical Education, Sport and Health”. This training is of utmost importance but we initially want to realize the publication of this book through sponsorship and hopfully to give it free to the educators. The Albanian School Sport Federation pretends the license exclusivity for kindergarten teachers according to the program modeled in this book.